The « Herbs » is the beginning of a big project, big reflection about myself, my family and all people, about the land, time, love and what life is about. These photos were taken in a small village called Plaksino in Yaroslavl region, Russia. There is a native house of my family where I was born. I never really lived in this place, just in summer I came there to spend the happiest days of my childhood. I always felt it was my native place. This is a very beautiful calm place near a river, surrounded by forests and wide fields. But, this village is now very small and poor and most of people leave Plaksino to go to bigger towns, so just old men and women live out their days there. Our native home is also abandoned. I love it extremely, because it has its particular soul and it seems that some kind ghosts guard it and everybody inside. But life makes us to live in big cities where we forget the relations with our roots, with the nature and things like smell of the forest after the rain and feeling of grass under the feet. Last year I came in Plaksino after a long absence. And for the first time I came there in winter. Everything seemed even more sad, forgotten and decrepit then before. I wandered around with a heartache, I felt myself guilty. I was looking at this thin dry twigs and thinking that we — they and me — have the same roots interlaced before. And now we are drying out without each other. Russia, 2012